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High School Friends
CiviKids empowers the American youth and immigrant minorities by proliferating the civic education that was never acquired

In 2022, the CiviKids team surveyed students in the 8-12th grades from 12 different states nationwide



of student's perspectives have been affected by social polarization



of students feel unconfident towards national civic knowledge 



of students knows what the Bill of Rights Does

Less than


of students know the role of the United States's executive branch 

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CIVIKIDS is a student-led nonprofit that educates and empowers youth and immigrant populations by increasing voter awareness through workshops and political activism.

Catering to an adjusted online format due to the pandemic, the CiviKids team teaches K-12 schools online via Zoom, interviews politicians like Adam Schiff and Paul Cheng as Gen-Z's representatives, make educational videos on the U.S. political system,  publishes and publish informative articles on historical and current events. 


CiviKids' interactive lessons excite students and increase students’ political awareness, providing a better understanding of U.S. civics at the end of each session. 

Interview with Congressman Adam Schiff


"Many High School Students aren't fully educated about the problems, effects, and solutions our government creates. Thus, at Civikids, we seek to empower and educate those who lack this knowledge about our beloved country's economics, civics, and solutions. Many of these topics include polarization, voter apathy, voter suppression, and natural citizen privileges. "

                                                                                            ----  CiviKids Team

Laws and regulations

Our Program

CiviKids' interactive lessons excites students and increases students’ political awareness, providing a better understanding of U.S. civics at the end of each session. 


 What does it take to run a country? Students will create their own countries, determining important factors like the level of education, size of the population, and systems of government. After presenting their countries, students will be asked to solve a series of problems using their diplomatic skills.

Election Flyers

Students will debate a variety of engaging topics about politics, exercising their argumentative, and public speaking skills!


Mock Debates

Lessons about Government Structure

Image by Aditya Joshi

What is democracy? What is a monarchy? What is our country's political system? What is the president's role? Students will learn the answers to these questions and much more through our classes!

Students will learn about the importance of voting, voter apathy, and the requirements for voting. Afterwards, students will be given the chance to participate in a mock election, choosing candidates to support in the classroom environment.

Image by Element5 Digital

Voting Process Experience

Students are introduced to America's Coat of Arms and will create and present their own coat of arms

American War Cemetery

Coat of Arms Activity

Students will make wishes for their country that express the changes they want to see through this arts and crafts activity.

The Wish Tree




The CiviKids team contains and welcomes a plethora of cultural, geographical, and political differences. 

We have debaters from California, writers from New Jersey, and a video creator from Toronto!


Meet The Leaders

The Youth Leaders of Today


Justin Liao

CEO - Chief Executive Officer


Wendy Cheng

CEO - Chief Executive Officer


Emily Tsao

Director of Marketing


Ada Wang

Director of Event Coordination


Rocky Lee



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