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Trump & FBI - 300 Documents

While we were trying to enjoy the last days of our summer vacation and escape the rocky political landscape of the past year, we were all ripped out of this illusion and into reality. On August 8, 2022, the news was bombarded with stories about a Federal Bure of Investigation (FBI) “raid” of former United States President Donald Trump’s house. Not only was the “raid” out of the blue, but what it uncovered shocked the nation. However, before we get into what the “raid” found, we need to add some context. In 2020, when Trump left office, many stories circulated that he left with boxes of documents from the White House. Though this was disregarded at the time, this action caught the attention of the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Over time, both departments compiled more data on this story and finally secured a court-order search warrant for a legal search of Trump's estate. This led to the “raid” on August 8. Now, what did this search find? According to the unsealed warrant from Florida District Cort, the investigation found over 300 documents marked with primary classification levels. This level includes documents that require top government, and in some cases military, clearance to even look at. During the search, many documents could not be looked at by the FBI officers on sight because of their classification level. Later in the investigation, these documents were opened to reveal a wide array of information. From other countries' nuclear capabilities to the president of Frances's love life, these documents had it all what the FBI found confirmed their fears almost two years earlier that the former president had illegally taken confidential government documents. Removing these documents made them susceptible to theft due to the relaxed security at Maro Lago. A woman named Inna Yashchyshyn posed as a member of the influential Rothchild family to get close to Trump, and she succeeded. This instance, along with lavish parties and multiple break-in attempts, has put their valuable documents in harm's way. After the search by the FBI, charges were brought against Trump by the DOJ based on the Espionage Act. They charged him with unauthorized possession and concealment of the documents.

After the charges, things have reminded stagnated. Trump is fighting the charges with his lawyers, and the DOJ is pressing harder to get the case in court. It is important to remember the gravity of this situation. Instead of remembering it as just another Trump story, we must remember it for the blatant disregard for national security that it is. Don’t let stories from both parties distract you from the truth about the rade, about the facts. Overall, this is a story of misinformation and greed and highlights the divide in our country. This event will impact the next election and the next couple of years of politics, and it is important to understand it, and not brush it aside.

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